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At M&P Sealing, we can provide standard gaskets or manufacture custom gaskets to solve your unique sealing problems.  With over 100 years of combined experience in fluid sealing products, our team has the resources available to offer you unique, innovative sealing solutions.


Better Sealing Solutions

As a world-class leader in sealing solutions, we not only stock the products needed most often in the petrochemical, aerospace, medical, electrical and food-processing industries, but we also maintain close ties with leading manufacturers to ensure the fastest possible availability of products.  M&P can provide sealing products for applications as diverse as deep sea oil exploration and lifesaving medical devices.  We know our gaskets.

Quality Gaskets

M&P Sealing has the capability to provide gaskets in a multitude of materials, including CORR-A-SEAL, Karlez®, Inertex®, and PTFE, among many others. From soft gaskets to metal gaskets, we are able to provide sealing solutions for any industry. Specialities include A2X tank car gaskets, O-rings, envelope gaskets, perfluoroelastomer seals, spiral wound gaskets, and kammprofile gaskets.

A History of Excellence

Founded in 1946, M&P has enjoyed the boom times and weathered the busts by supplying quality products in a timely manner at fair prices.  What started out as a small mom & pop shop has grown into a leading provider of sealing products to a number of industries, from pulp, to paper production, and defense.


CORR-A-SEAL® Gaskets Banner

Originally developed by M&P Sealing, CORR-A-SEAL gaskets have a successful track record, showing cost reductions through improved heat exchanger reliability and overall increased equipment productivity. This unique construction, utilizing corrugated metal and compressible sealing elements, provides for excellent performance in thermal cycling applications.


In a perfect world, every mating surface would be absolutely smooth and in perfect alignment; however, that isn’t always the case, and M&P is here to help fill in the gaps… quite literally.  In any situation where you might face a leak, our Sealing Solution Pros can help you prevent it.

A2X Tank Car Gaskets

A2X Tank Car Gaskets Banner

Easily seals uneven, rough seating surfaces with low bolt loads. This unique design is available in Nitrile, EPDM, and Viton® compounds to meet your chemical transportation requirements.

Metal Gaskets

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The term Metal Gaskets covers a wide variety of seals in numerous configurations. Included in this category are Spiral Wound Gaskets, RTJ Gaskets, Jacketed Gaskets, Heat Exchanger Gaskets, Corrugated Gaskets, and Solid Metal Gaskets.

Soft Gaskets

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Soft Gaskets can be used for a wide range of sealing applications, and M&P offers a variety of materials suited for them.


A varied and well-stocked inventory is a point of pride for M&P. We maintain a deep inventory of some of the best sealing materials available, in order to give our customers the most choices in selecting a solution that fits their needs and budget.



Kalrez® Gaskets provide a full range of performance.  They have wide chemical resistance and superior performance, especially in high temperature applications in different media.


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Inertex® provides the most complete, leak-free, and dependable sealing system available to control fugitive flange emissions in gasketed joints.


PTFE Gaskets Banner

PTFE Gaskets are effective throughout many industries because of their resistance to heat and corrosion.