Originally developed by M&P Sealing, CORR-A-SEAL gaskets have a successful track record, showing cost reductions through improved heat exchanger reliability and overall increased equipment productivity.  This unique construction, utilizing corrugated metal and compressible sealing elements, provides for excellent performance in thermal cycling applications.

At initial sealing, the CORR-A-SEAL gasket has a much lower leak rate than a graphite-filled spiral wound gasket under the same load conditions.  This advantage indicates a much more forgiving gasket in a wide range of initial bolt loading, which can translate into a higher margin of safety from potential leaks.  Laboratory test data and customer experience have proven CORR-A-SEAL gaskets to be one of the most dependable graphite-based sealing solutions available.  When you need the experience, integrity, and technical expertise of a company that has brought you award-winning sealing solutions for the last 45 years, call M&P Sealing.


CORR-A-SEAL gaskets series of gaskets provides a full range of performance, designed to seal in the most severe and the most common applications.

  • Chemically resistant
  • Seals effectively during thermal cycling
  • Long service life with excellent aging characteristics
  • Fire safe-withstood API and FITT fire tests
  • Accommodates a wide range of temperatures

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CORR-A-SEAL Handbook

CORR-A-SEAL’s unique formula was bought by Garlock and is now sold as Graphonic®.  Learn about the history of CORR-A-SEAL and Graphonic®.