Corrugated Metal Gaskets (CMG)

M&P Sealing has made corrugated metal gaskets for over 30 years encapsulated with graphite, expanded PTFE, or a combination of the two.  These gaskets have proven to work excellent for steam leaks, hot oil, any type of VOC’s and dynamic thermal cycling applications.  Since the inception of our gaskets, our customers have realized lower costs by reducing product loss and increasing margins of safety.

Originally developed by M&P Sealing, Graphonic® gaskets now known as Corr-a-Seal Gaskets.

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Advantages of Concentric Metal Core

  • Minimizes Extrusions (no inward buckling as with Spiral Wounds)
  • Pushes graphite into the leak paths
  • Reduces gasket damage in handling and installation (no need of inner guide ring added cost)
  • Extra strength, particularly in narrow cross section
  • Increases springiness to handle thermal cycling
  • Greatly increase sealability under low bolt loads
  • Different metals available to match flange metallurgy, temperature or chemical resistance. (Inconel 600, Incoloy 300, Hastelloy C276, Monel 400, Inconel 625, Nickel just to name a few)

Corrugated Gasket Family

  • Corrugated Metal Gaskets
  • Graphonic
  • G.E.T Gaskets (Corr-a-Seal with Expanded PTFE inner Ring)
  • Tephonic

Standard Corr-a-Seal Gasket

  • Metal Core SS 316 (316L Stainless Steel) Encapsulated in graphite (Other metals are available)
  • Pressure Rating 150 LB and 300 LB nominal pipe and fittings to suit ASME/B16.5 raised face flanges.
  • Standard gasket thickness is 3/32”

Non-Standard Gaskets:

  • Full face gaskets with appropriate dimensions, holes, etc.
  • Heat Exchanger Gaskets
  • Metals encapsulated with Expanded PTFE Tephonic
  • Corr-a-Seals with Expanded PTFE inner ring ( G.E.T. Gasket)

Pipe Flanges 

Pipe flanges are by far the most popular application we see our Corr-a-Seal gasket used.  Thousands upon thousands are in service around the world from basic utilities like air, steam, and water to hydrocarbons and acids.

Heat Exchangers seems to be where the Corr-a-Seal performs at its highest potential.  These applications are the most challenging with Delta P and Delta T conditions commonly found in crude units in refineries.  Corr-a-Seal gaskets are primarily designed for TEMA shell and tube heat exchanger vessels.  It allows you to maintain a tight seal in a wider range of bolt loads.  They ensure a tight seal under fluctuating temperature and pressure conditions and can be supplied with partition pars in any configuration.

Boiler gaskets

Corr-a-Seal boiler hand hole and manway gaskets have the lowest seating stress of any other metal and graphite based gasket on the market. Typically there are only one or two bolts on the boiler manway door gaskets that limit the amount of force to get a positive seal.  These are designed to seal with internal pressure but are riddled with sealing challenges such as uneven sealing surfaces, corrosion, and usual wear and tear.  By having the sealing element on the face of the gasket the corrugations push the graphite into any irregularities with minimum bolt loads. This is ideal for handling temperature fluctuations, bolt load relaxation, creep and cold flow.  Typical applications are:

  • Steam generators
  • Steam pressure vessels
  • Demineralizers
  • Steam humidifiers
  • Dryer Cans in Paper mills

Valve Bonnet Gaskets (Bonnet Seals)

Valve Bonnet flanges in 150# and 300# class are easily bent by over tightening trying to get a high-stress gasket to seal when there’s usually only four bolts.  Corr-a-Seal gaskets have performed admirably in this application.  These are almost always very narrow cross-section gaskets and which should mean it would require less force to seal.  Not so much with high-stress spiral wound gaskets.  The Corr-a-Seal gasket seals with 2/3  less bolt load than a spiral wound with the same level of tightness.  By having a much lower seating stress you’re much less likely to overstress your bolts and flanges.

Any corrugated metal gasket manufactured by M&P Sealing is guaranteed by our commitment of delivering high-performance gaskets on time with unbeatable customer service.  We have built a 70 + year reputation across the country to a wide array of industries being the pioneer of corrugated metal gasket technology.

Our in-house state of the art manufacturing capabilities for corrugated gaskets includes water jet cutting which allows us to custom make gaskets for all sorts of industries like:

  • Refineries
  • Chemical and Petrochemical Plants
  • Paper Mills
  • Industrial Fluid Sealing
  • Steam Services
  • Cryogenic Applications
  • Thermal and Electromechanical Applications.