Corrugated Metal Gasket

Corrugated Metal Gasket (CMG)

Who better to trust with your Corrugated Metal Gasket needs than the original developer of the Corrugated Metal Gasket known as the Graphonic Gasket developed in 1987 (See the history of Graphonic Gaskets). M&P Sealing has set the standard of metal gaskets for more than 3 decades This American made product and company’s product line is the standard in respect to corrugated metal gasket technology; an excellent choice for the 150 and 300 class. The substrate geometry promotes recovery and resilience through thermal cycles and extended service life. CMGs can be direct replacements for spiral wound gaskets and can eliminate inward buckling issues while creating a seal at moderate flange stresses.

As a world-class leader in sealing solutions, we not only stock the products needed most often in the petrochemical, aerospace, electrical and food-processing industries, but we also maintain close ties with leading manufacturers to ensure the fastest possible availability of products.  M&P can provide sealing products for a wide range of applications.  WE KNOW GASKETS!


Graphonic Gasket

Primarily used in 150# and 300# class flanged assemblies.

Corr-a-Seal (Corrugated Metal Gasket)

Flexible graphite sealing element:

  • Accommodates a wide range of temperatures
  • Seals effectively during thermal cycling 
  • Fire-safe – withstands API and FITT fire test
  • Chemically resistant
  • Long service life


Corrugated Metal Gasket Handbook

TEPHONIC® Corrugated Gasket

ePTFE Sealing elements:

  • Chemically inert
  • Forms a tight seal under low bolt load
  • Conforms to minor sealing surface imperfections
  • Withstands temperatures to 500 °F

G.E.T. Corrugated Gasket

G.E.T Gaskets Dual seal element:

Graphite facing at the outside for fire resistance and ePTFE facing at the inside for chemical resistance.
  • Combines fire safety with chemical resistance
  • Conforms to minor sealing surface imperfections
  • Rigid yet compressible