Confectionery, milk products, beverages

Besides being expected to ensure long-term, reliable sealing, all sealing com­po­nents used in the food and beverage industry also have to satisfy the di­ver­sity of strict re­quire­ments and reg­u­la­tions imposed on food pro­duc­tion by leg­is­la­tors through­out the world.

For example, those com­po­nents having contact with the sealed media must be suited for use with food­stuffs and have smooth, easily cleaned and abra­sion-re­sis­tant surfaces, while special seals without empty spaces and gaps have to be able to be cleaned without needing to dis­man­tle the equip­ment in which they function (SIP/CIP).

M&P Sealing has been a partner to the food and beverage industry for over 60 years, and our me­chan­i­cal seals, FDA approved packings, gaskets, and supply systems are in suc­cess­ful op­er­a­tion for leading food and beverage man­u­fac­tur­ers in all corners of the globe.

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