M&P is proud to be an authorized distributor of Inertex® products.  They are the tightest sealing gasket materials tested among 27 of the most popular, expanded PTFE-based gasketing products on the market.  Inertex has become the one material to provide the most complete, leak-free, and dependable sealing system available to control fugitive flange emissions in gasketed joints.

M&P’s Sealing Solution Pros can provide a wealth of information on the innovative Inertex® line of products.

OPRA Reduced Area Low Torque Gasket
OPRA Reduced Area Gaskets eliminate problems for FRP, PVDF, PVC, or similar piping materials.
SQ-S “H” Huge Gasket Sheet
SQ-S “H” Huge Sheet can be made up to 80″ x 80.”

SQ-S Pre-Cut Gasket Sheet
Off the shelf availability in ANSI/ASME Standard Ring & Full Face 150# and 300# class.

UHF Joint Sealant
A form-in-place gasket which reduces the need for cut gasket inventories.

UHF Gasket Tape
A flat expanded PTFE gasket tape available in thickness from .010″ to .125.”

SQ-S Isotropic Gasket Tape
A full adhesive backing and is used primarily for glassed flanges and other highly deflective surfaces.

EZ-Seal Insertable Gasket
A preformed gasket with a raised sealing “bulb” to seal difficult and damaged flanges.

High-Strength Diasheet Diaphragm Material
A form-in-place gasket which reduces the need for cut gasket inventories.

Valve Stem Packing
Never hardens in service and never seizes even after long periods of non-use.

Inermet Railroad Tank Car Gasket
Engineered to solve your leakage and spillage problems associated with the transportation of aggressive chemicals.
Braiding Yarns and Sewing Threads
Priced far below competition, these products perform at a superior level.

Inermet Insertable Gasket
An insertable gasket with corrugated metal insert designed for improving sealing performance in applications involving thermal cycling.
LTC and LTC-NR Low Torque Gasket
Low Torque Gaskets for FRP, plastic, and other light assembly loads.  LTC gaskets seal at or below manufacturers recommended torque loads.