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M&P Sealing, a leading rubber gasket maker, features a variety of Neoprene grades to manufacture custom rubber Neoprene gaskets of superior sealing quality and reliability. At M&P Sealing, all Neoprene grades are available as thin as .016″ thick up to .250″ thick. We offer Neoprene grades in continuous rolls of 36″, 48″, or 54″ wide or we can custom die-cut or waterjet cut each grade to your exact requirements. All Neoprene grades come in a measure of hardness (durometer) as soft as 30 durometer and as hard as 90 durometer

Neoprene Graded Gaskets

M&P Sealing’s Available Neoprene Grades

Commercial Grade Neoprene

Commercial Grade Neoprene (13% Neoprene base) is a blend of Neoprene and other rubber elastomers. Commercial grade Neoprene is suitable in general gasket applications but not recommended in applications where high oil resistance is required.

High Grade Commercial Neoprene

High-Grade Neoprene (100% Neoprene base) maintains resiliency after extended compression and endures rough handling with minimal abrasion. High tensile strength makes high-grade Neoprene ideal for the most rigorous applications.

Medium Grade Neoprene

Medium Grade Neoprene (51% Neoprene base) is the choice material if you need properties of Neoprene but do not require high tensile strength or compliance with military and federal specifications. Conforming to irregular shapes and sealing under minimum pressure, medium grade Neoprene is used for most general-purpose applications.

FDA Neoprene

FDA Neoprene is made from FDA approved ingredients per CFR 117.2600 (off-white color). FDA Neoprene has been developed to meet military and federal specifications for oil resistance and is a preferred material for applications in industries such as food, automotive, and industrial.


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M&P Sealing has developed many partnerships with various suppliers and this has resulted in the ability to source the best materials and compounds at extremely competitive prices. Combined with our knowledge and technology we are able to offer our customers the best in service, quality, and price.

Our expertise in Neoprene has grown throughout the company’s history to become one of the leading suppliers of custom made Neoprene made to customers precise requirements.

With the latest in computer-controlled technology, M&P Sealing can manufacture custom Neoprene rubber gaskets from as small as 1/16″ dia. up to 51″ dia. and any size or shape in between. Upon request, Neoprene rubber gaskets can be custom manufactured at M&P Sealing with an acrylic adhesive backing.