Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) envelope gaskets provide excellent sealing in corrosive environments.  PTFE envelope gaskets are available in standard sizes and configurations, as well as custom sizes upon request. PTFE envelope gaskets are available slit (v-type) or milled (square cut) with a variety of materials available for fillers.  The Sealing Solution Pros at M&P can manufacture the envelope gaskets required for your unique situation.  Contact us today for a detailed quote.

PTFE Envelope Gaskets

M&P Sealing Solutions Pro are able to make ring, full face, V Type, CRT, U-Cut, and square cut, slit, channel, formed, elliptical, and other specially shaped envelope gaskets using PTFE, a unique fluoropolymer with excellent chemical resistance.

Uses for PTFE Envelope Gaskets:

  • General Purpose Glass Lined Equipment
  • Pharmaceutical High Purity
  • Piping Service
  • Food and Chemical Industries
  • Sizes: 1/2 to 96

  • Non-asbestos Elastomers
  • Corrugated Metals (with and without tabs)
  • Flexible
  • Graphite
  • Graphonic

M&P’s Standard Envelope Gasket

Style CRT is our normal service style envelope gasket that is the standard for glass lined vessels and piping.  PTFE slit envelope with two non-asbestos fillers and a 316 SS corrugated metal ring as fillers.  Sizes 1-96 for special applications or shapes and sizes.  Please contact us for more information about these quality enveloped gaskets.