Quick Turnaround Gaskets with Hydrocutting

If you are under a time crunch and need custom gaskets, prototypes, seals, or other parts manufactured with a quick turnaround, then you’ve come to the right place. By investing in precision waterjet cutting machinery, M&P Sealing has taken an already efficient production process and substantially increased the speed without compromising the quality of the end product. Using computer numerical control (CNC) waterjet machining, we have the ability to quickly change from cutting 1/16″ thick cork to 1” thick, 80 durometer rubber to ¼” thick steel to ½” thick plastic. Plus, we are able to switch between pure waterjet cutting and abrasive waterjet cutting in a matter of minutes, which allows us to machine soft and hard materials – even in the same job.

Same- or Next-day Gaskets with Hydrocutting

As an M&P Sealing customer, you can either supply us with your dxf CAD file or we can create the file for you for a nominal setup fee. Then, we simply transfer the file directly into our software. Precision cutting of the most complex part can be started within minutes of receipt of the file, and we can ship the parts the same day if needed. Although we inventory a wide range of materials, if there is a specific material that you already have in your possession, feel free to bring it in and we will gladly produce your parts while you wait. We even invite you on the shop floor to watch the cutting process first hand.

Although parts can be supplied almost instantaneously, there is no sacrifice in quality. Tolerances on finished items can be supplied as tight as +/- .005″. Unlike other machining processes that require tool resharpening or the creation of a die, waterjet machining only requires a drawing and cuts parts with a stream of 60,000 PSI high pressure water. For same-day, next-day, or overnight gaskets, prototypes, and seals, contact M&P Sealing today at 1-800-351-0026 or sales@mp-sealing.com.