Ring Type Joints are sealed with solid metal gaskets softer than the flange material.  These gaskets are actually ‘crushed’ into the flange and create a seal by filling imperfections and leak paths with gasket material.  These gaskets will deform under pressure, so that the flange will not. The high service pressures found in the petrochemical industry require the use of RTJ’s. As you would expect, these gaskets are manufactured to extremely tight tolerances.

RTJ gaskets come in three basic styles: R, RX, and BX.  The difference in the styles is predominantly in the shape of their cross section.  They are not interchangeable, and other slight variations may be present.  If you know which ones you need, please contact M&P’s Sealing Solution Pros for a quote.   If you have a question about the right style for your application, we can also help with that!