Low Quantity, Small Run Gaskets with Waterjet Cutting

Do you need only one prototype part or just a few parts for an initial build? If so, M&P Sealing’s computer numerical control (CNC) precision waterjet cutting services enable us to manufacture short production runs of a few hundred pieces or less. We understand that sometimes your job requires a low quantity and, in these cases, we want to provide you with a cost-effective solution. That’s why we have invested in a waterjet cutting machine that get the job done quickly without the need for tooling, which results in a significant time and money savings.

Whether you need three or four simple gaskets or 100 intricate custom prototype seals, M&P Sealing will create what you need with the material you want. Using hydrocutting technology, we are able to eliminate the tooling process and still produce parts with tolerances as tight as +/- .005″. Plus, we are able to cut virtually any material as thin as .001″ and as thick as 3-1/4″ from the same CAD file. Materials can be as soft as light density Polyurethane foam to the hardest material known to man. Do you have an unusual material that you would like us to cut? Simply send us a sample and we will be pleased to produce a test cut, showing the edge quality that you would expect to see in production.

Additionally, waterjet machining enables us to ship custom gaskets and seals the same day if needed. If you would like to bring your material in, we will gladly produce your parts while you wait. When you’re ready to go to full production, M&P Sealing has high-speed die cutting equipment in-house that will allow us to supply larger quantities quickly and at very reasonable pricing.Contact us and challenge us with your most difficult design and allow us to demonstrate the quality of part that can be produced utilizing a stream of 60,000 PSI high pressure water.